One of those busy days

It started out, on Sunday, as a normal day but as soon as the lock opened fully at high tide, the traffic got busy. First off we had EMS Surveyor going out. Now, I did get a photo of this coming in but forgot to post it! She is listed as a guard/cargo boat but I am not sure what the three large pillars are for – these aren’t to be seen on the company web site.


Then we had another visit from the lime green super car (that I wrongly guessed as a Porsche). This turns out to be a Lamborghini Huracán. This particular car is owned by ExclusiveGP and can be hired to go to special events. The one on their web site is called “Mayfair to Monte Carlo” and costs £10,960 per person (two sharing) for what looks like about 8 days with a 1,000 mile allowance on the car! I am up for next year – fancy sharing with me? Unfortunately, the car only drove along underneath us so I only got top views.IMG_4022

Lamborghini Huracán

Next up, we had Melissa going out.I have taken lots of her over the last couple of years but she deserves a place in today’s page.


Alert came down the port but rather than coming on through, she tied up at Cliff Quay.


We had a bitt of activity then with the little ABP boat dashing around until it finally brought the walkway from the lock over to our side.

IMG_4029 IMG_4033

This meant that something big was coming through so I dashed to my iPad and checked with my natty FleetMon app.

In the meantime, Victor was on its way out but tied up along side us as well (getting out of the way).IMG_4031

Soon after, a little Zodiac type boat came through the lock – nicely powered by two Suzuki outboard motors. That tied up on the hammerhead opposite us in preparation for the big one.IMG_4030

Fleetmon had warned me of what was on its way and soon it came through itself. It is always great to see such a large ship as the Stavros S Niarchos. I have difficulty getting it all in on my usual lens, it is so long.


You can see now why Victor got out of the way!

I remember Valerie saying to me once that she never realised how much rope was needed to keep these boats sailing. Well, here is a close up of the mast (in two bits).

IMG_4038 IMG_4039

What a good day that was to be out on the balcony.

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