Maybe I can wake up again?

Since moving around the corner life has got very busy – apart from not a lot happens round here. We have moved from the front of the block around to the side looking out over the podium and the Aurora restaurant.

Since moving I have got involved or restarted the following:

  1. I am finishing off my Open University degree – in IT. I had 270 credits and needed 360 for an Hons/ degree. I have just finished one 30 credit course and am awaiting the result. This was on Database Analysis and Management (ended up all about investigating bat hibernation!).  I am now working on TM352 – Web, Mobile and Cloud technologies and start my last course on 18th October – TM470- The Computing and IT Project (where I hope to pull all of my computing knowledge together for a project involving Model Railroads – see below. My Blog is HERE
  2. I already play the concertina but have now bought an Alto Sax (having got rid of my Soprano – boooooo!)
  3. I have rebuilt my Model Railroad in my new,much larger, hobby room. My Blog is HERE
  4. I have settled down to getting on with my model making. I am now concentrating on model cars. My Blog is HERE.

OK, so let’s get down to the Waterfront. Moving around here is a bit like moving close to London Heathrow Airport. You wish the Aurora wasn’t there but it was there before you so you have no one to blame. It only causes a problem late on a Friday and Saturday and this is really only because we always sleep with the window wide open (always have no matter what the weather or the season). The “punters” make a bit of noise around 12 – 1.30 but if you are asleep you don’t notice and if you are awake, well it gives you something to listen too while you lay in bed. They did a naughty a few weeks ago and emptied out their bottle bins, around 12.30 – 1am- into the external bins ready for disposal the next day. This makes a lot of noise and they really should have waited until the morning. I think someone complained as they only did it one night.

We now have a different problem though. This is a photo shoot from last week. (Click on any picture to see a slideshow).

The Aurora puts a lot of their stuff into the empty shop below us. I am guessing that they are going to clear it out into this container and, maybe, do something about the wooden slats that make the walls below as some have already been damaged in an attempt to get in there. The problem for the moment is that they are opening this container at 1am and the clonking is very noisy. I hope that this is only a temporary arrangement. I would have expected them to have to get planning permission to have one here permanently as they have requested for the other side where they are hoping to build an “al fresco” bar.

The other thing that they did was put up parking notices and a number plate camera. This is to stop people using the restaurant car park as a general parking area. I can’t blame them for this as it should be reserved for their own customers. Some people who have used it temporarily may get caught out with the 10 minute allowance.


Lastly, for my friend Dan, who is mad about cranes. I took one image of this one for him.


I will try and post a bit more often, even if I don’t get the daily to and fro through the lock.

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