Waking up Part 2 – the movie

I have a new camera and lenses. I have replaced myCanon 700D with a spiffing Canon 80D. Who would guess that changing your camera body would make such a difference. I also have a very nice Canon 24mm f2.8 and a Sigma 18-250 f3.5 zoom. The total cost of these is about 3x the cost of my previous set up so I am very excited. The video that I show here was taken with the 80d using the 24mm lens. This lens comes across as silent, which has always been a problem before as the focusing on my old Tamron lens would ruin any video.

Well, here it is. I hope that you enjoy cranes. I like the precision of the man handling the crane. It is all done using the unit that he has in his hands. Very professional.

One thought on “Waking up Part 2 – the movie”

  1. Brilliant quality. That’s a nice bit of kit you have there.
    I’m no great fan of the dreaded “elf n safety” but when the guy was between the wall and the container I was hoping he had his steel toe-cap boots on !

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