Fairline seems to be back in business

Fairline Yachts went into administration in December last year and were bought out by two Russian businessmen in January this year.  As you will probably remember, they had their pre-sales operation here in the Ipswich marina. It has been very quiet here since those events with just one of their large cruisers left sitting in the dock by their unit.

Suddenly, my wife came to me and asked if I could take a photo of some flags that had appeared. I use my long zoom for this and then we look at the photos to see what is going on. It turned out that the flags said “Fairline” and had, obviously, only been up a short while.


I then looked properly over to the building and noticed a change. As mentioned, since they had closed down, there had been one of their cruisers moored alongside. Yesterday, I noticed that there were now two of them.


Then, today, I looked again and there were three. How come I don’t see these arrive?


I am not sure about the little one to the left. It may be that there are now four.  All of the talk has been about getting going again at Oundle, which is their main base. I haven’t seen any mention that the Ipswich site was re-opening but it would appear to be so. If I see any more, I will post it here. The latest information seems to be THIS.

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