A Saturday Stroll – Part 1

I am sitting on my new camera and lenses and doing very little with them apart from photographing my completed scale models and those at the model club to which I belong. I was given a small inheritance a little while ago and used it to upgrade my camera equipment. I now have a Canon 80D (professional range) camera plus absolutely brilliant Canon EF 24mm 2.8 IS USM lens that produces superb images plus a Sigma 18-250 HSM lens that makes my old Tamron lens look like a piece of cheap equipment. We have been on a few days holiday down to the 2nd Hand Bookshop centre of the U at Hay-on-Wye so went to the supermarket this morning. On getting back, I decided that I would have trip along the waterfront and do a small roundup of the current visitors – most of which you have seen before.

Firstly, “Our Lady Grace” is sitting on Gasworks  Quay along with Norma – the dredger. “Our Lady Grace” is a fishing boat that regularly goes out along the coast up towards Aldeburgh and fishes for Dover Sole, which,a lot of the time, it ships out to Holland. They cam here a couple of summers ago from Brightlingsea as it was easier to get the Dutch lorries into here and they appear to have stayed.


Norma sits quite low in the water and I don’t have the vantage point from the 4th floor any more. She has been here for some time now. The last time she stayed she had some work done on her infrastructure but this time she has just sat there, powered down.


Next along was “Alert“. Alert is the Trinity House rapid response vessel and stands ready to assist at see when required. Trinity House is the organisation that manages the Lighthouse/Lightships/Wreck Buoys around the coast. She used to carry a good selection of buoys on her stern but these have been missing for quite some time now.


Belonging to Trinity House she flies their flag at her prow.


Down beyond the University’s James Hehir building has been the home for Melissa for some time. As you will remember, Melissa is a Thames Barge. Again, she is quite low against the dockside so you can’t see too much.

img_0934She has some beautiful woodwork.img_0935

Part two will follow shorty.

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