A Saturday Stroll – Part 2

Having covered the boats along the quayside, I turned my attention to those on the other side of the Wet Dock. It was here that my new camera equipment came into its own.

First off, there was an offshore service boat called Njord Petrel. This is owned by Njord Offshore. I missed an opportunity a few weeks ago because, when I was at the Cult Café for a coffee, there were four of these in the Marina. This one was sitting over by the fuel station and, according to Google Maps, was 200m from me when I took the image.


I know that I keep banging on about my new camera but here is an enlargement from that photo to show how good the resolution is.


I took a couple more of this one as it is an interesting shape.

Next along was an old favourite – HMS Trumpeter. She has been out and about this summer but is back home again. To remind you, she is a Royal Navy patrol boat that is manned by the Cambridge University Naval Squadron.


Next, I took a shot at the waterways barge that is always moored down on Neptune Quay.


I did show this in the very early days but couldn’t remember it’s name. However, the camera came good again! (Mind you, I am pushing it this time as that was 350m (1,148ft.) away.


Lastly, I thought that I would bring you up to date on the new(?) buildings around the dock. A couple of years ago, I had a series of photos of the building of a new complex over on Stoke Quay – on the other side of the Island. I didn’t take them too long to build and they have been fully occupied for the last year or so. BTW, I still don’t like the green panelling.


Around the time that these were started, it was reputed that a local business man had bought the Wine Rack (the tall block down past Isaacs that fell foul of the crash in Irish Banks back in 2007/8). Then, we heard that the start of work was held up as he had to change the planning approvals because, as I remember it, he wanted to make it up-market and was going to install a fancy automated car park. Then, earlier this year, we heard that the scaffolding was going to go up. Well, here is what it looks like.

img_0938Nothing has changed there, then.

Well, that’s it for the current Quay walk. One old favourite is missing. Song of the Whale has been up in Iceland for some months. She did drop down to Galway, in Ireland but has returned to Reykjavik.

It just shows that you have to check everything. Well, it appears that she is somewhere off Portsmouth on her way back to Ipswich. Lucky that I checked! This image is from the Marine Conservation Trust.


I hope that something will change soon as I am a bit bored with the same old, same old. What has happened to all of the Dutch warships or tall ships that used to arrive? No anymore, it seems.


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