News on the container

We have been a bit bothered about the container that is sitting outside The Aurora as it is directly under our balcony and doesn’t look very nice. Plus, they have been opening it and closing it late at night, although I think that this has stopped due to people in the block around not being happy with the noise.

My wife sent them an e-mail asking what was going on with the container and, in reply, she was told that it is a temporary storage unit. On the other side of the restaurant, there is a large open space for which they were trying to get permission to open an “Al Fresco”  café but they seem to have dropped this idea. Instead, this summer, they had a nice collection of settees, chairs and tables out there but then had to store them at night. Now that the winter is coming, they don’t put them out but have nowhere for them to go.

They tell us that the container will be used to take all of these and then it will be removed down to Felixstowe for the winter. This seems to be a good explanation but we will be glad when it has gone. You can see why!


Secondly, since I stopped writing the blog, Spirit Yachts have decided to expand their buildings. If you remember, Spirit Yachts make the most wonderful hand built wooden boats that sell for an extremely large amount of money. They are currently building a very special boat which we will hopefully see launched. Anyway, the only thing that I can show you is that they are extending out the back. I haven’t got over there to get a better view recently so this is the best that I can do.



3 thoughts on “News on the container”

  1. Hi David

    Agree with your container issue-there is no way of opening/closing them quietly-you have no slam them shut so they engague the locking bars.
    Local councils usually dont loke them on public property!!

  2. I think that they could keep it there for about 8 weeks. Any longer than that and they would need planning permission which, given this is a conservation area, they would be unlikely to get.

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