Spirit Yachts move and another big cat

Spirit Yachts had a big crane arrive today. They are building a rather special boat and the time has come to turn it over and start to work on something other than the hull. I managed to catch them moving the hull out of their workshop and then I caught the crane in action. They then moved it round the back of their building so I lost sight of it after that. I have just realised that I had to go out at lunch time. I could have driven round and tried to catch more but…


You can see that this is bigger than we have seen before.


The crane is fairly impressive as well. I will try and get round there over the next couple of days and see if I can get some better shots.

I was out and about, as mentioned, and happened to be down by the James Hehir building. I saw that another of the Njord catamarans was in. I didn’t have my camera on me (shame on me, I should take it every where) so I whipped out my phone and got this couple of shots.


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