I know that my friend Dan in Connecticut likes reflections. We don’t get so many now that we aren’t on the front of the block but I noticed this one this afternoon.


If you look at the top window of the Aurora restaurant, the shining water you can see is not through the window but a reflection from behind us. The sun is near to south and we are looking north west (if that means anything to you!).

I am disappointed that the container is still with us. In spite of them telling us it was short term, they don’t seem to have touched it in the last few days. It can only be temporary as they would need planning permission for anything over about two months, as I understand it.


2 thoughts on “Reflections”

  1. Not using it could be a good sign.Sometimes takes transport companies a few days to pick up when they are no longer required !!!
    Sometimes the lease only alows return on certain days of the month-alot of these leasing companies use other companies storage areas and whilst the box is still in your area its not costing them anyghing!

    Only a theory though

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