Cranes, more cranes and clever parking

The first image is from yesterday and the second two are today – I say this because the weather is distinctly different between the images. Yesterday was very windy and cold. Today was bright and very cold 2 – 3C.

I can never resist a “don’t cross the streams” image.

Wasn’t Ghostbusters just one of the best films ever (along with The Blues Brothers – another Dan Ackroyd special!). I made a model of the Ghostbusters car.


Sorry – got a bit distracted there. So what has this to do with the Ipswich Waterfront? Well, the first image is of the streams being crossed, if you can follow my analogy.

another new crane

Another iPhone 5 image so sorry about that. When I can justify the cost, I will get me a small digital camera with a good zoom and lots of pixels so that I can carry it in my pocket. I love my Canon 80D but it is quite big and heavy :-(

They keep bringing in various cranes for specific purposes but it isn’t easy to see what it going on.

On to today and I noticed that there is a lot of scaffolding going up around the barrier area. Again, I can’t get a good shot but this will show where it is.


I just love that sky!

Lastly, we have a cheeky little Smart car that takes advantage of its tiny length to get into places where other cars only dream.

It quite often parks at the restaurant end facing out. Brilliant!

clever parking

One thought on “Cranes, more cranes and clever parking”

  1. Great photos. I bought a Nikon S9900 for the very reason you mention. I can get it into my pocket, and it has a 30x optical zoom. They make a smaller one, that I think has a 24x zoom. I love it.

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