Alert is back again

I had to do one of my regular trips to the Aqua Pharmacy so I was down the Wet Dock on my Zinger powered wheelchair so took another couple of photos.

Alert has returned for one of its regular visits.  I lined it up with Norma to give a feel for the quayside at the moment.

alert and Norma

I also took advantage of the clear day to get a nice shot across to the heritage cranes. I like this view so you will see it often.

general view

I have invested (my expression but my wife sees it as just “spending”) in a Canon Powershot SX620. I am a committed Canon user (10D, 500D, 700D, 80D) so stayed in the family. This little camera has a 20 megapixel resolution and a 25x optical zoom so, when tripping about in my wheelchair, I should get much better images than I manage with the iPhone.

BTW, a little story about the Aqua Pharmacy. I was talking to Michelle, the owner, some time back. I mentioned that I came from South London. “Whereabouts?” came the question – Streatham. “Whereabouts?” – Kettering Street. “Which school did you go to?” – Eardley Road Junior. “So did I!” exclaimed Michelle. It seems that we grew up within a 1/2 mile of each other. However, we didn’t overlap as I am considerably older than her (not giving any dates away!)

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