New Camera Test but same old images

I bought my new camera on a same day delivery basis. Argos delivered it at 10.15pm last night! It is a tiny little thing up against my 80D DSLR but, from the tests that I have made, it appears to fit the bill perfectly. I went out at lunch time – to John Lewis as my Apple mouse keeps loosing connection with the iMac so I needed a new mouse. I took the opportunity to take a regular image to see how things compare. I am posing these without any correction so that we can see how the camera deals with my usual requirements.


I took advantage of the huge optical zoom to get a better image of the scaffolding on the Orwell side of the lock. I couldn’t get a decent image using my phone and I never had my main camera with me. So, here it is.


They appear to be doing a lot of work over there. I think that I should drive round to Stoke Quay and see if I can get some closer shots to work out what is going on. This shot seems to indicate that the “huge” zoom lens on the camera really works.

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