News on the Winerack

There was a major article in the Ipswich Star, yesterday, all about developments with the Winerack.

The gist is this.

  • Contracts have been signed and work will begin in January 2018 for completion by Christmas 2020.
  • Contracts have been awarded to R. G. Carter Construction.
  • Utilities work has begun and a tower crane will be on site sometime during May 2018.

So, sometime soon (!) this view that I had this morning from my bedroom window will be a thing of the past. Needless to say, I will try and record things as they go along.


It should be noted that the tall, white building to the left – The Mill – is still not completed inside although some floors are occupied.

There was another interesting article in the Ipswich Star recently telling us that there are no delays for the new bridges over the River Orwell in Ipswich. Again, you can read the full story HERE.


This image is (c) Foster + Partners.

I am fascinated as to how they will build a bridge at this point with sufficient clearance for the traffic that uses the Wet Dock – Dutch Tall Ships spring to mind – given the height of the Orwell Bridge.


Photo from Wikipedia.

Still, I assume  that they have taken all of this into account!

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