Winter starts here

To my mind, Winter is December, January and February. It has been chilly up to now in December but today the temperature has hovered around 0C – 1C (32 – 34F). We were going out but, as this required a trip up through our old village of Tuddenham St. Martin, we put it off. Tuddenham sits in the valley of the river Fynn and has “very” steep hills in and out. Why would we want to avoid steep hills?

snow waterfrontsnow waterfront2

Our Skoda Yeti isn’t four wheel drive and, when we last had a Yeti in Tuddenham, even it had trouble with the slopes. This was the run down from our garage. You can see that we were considerably higher than the road, which is steeply downhill!


The first snow of winter. What chance a white Christmas?

snow podium

Pretty soon after this, there were children playing out on the podium. Unfortunately, from a photographer’s point of view, the snow was “ruined”!

When it had stopped snowing, we had some fun car tracks in the Aurora car park.

snow tracks

2 thoughts on “Winter starts here”

  1. Fun tracks, but I don’t see any signs of anyone doing donuts in the snow. I would be so temped 😉

    The snow is pretty here, until Maddie visits the back yard. She makes a huge mess.

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