I can’t resist a sunny day on the waterfront

I had to go down to the Aqua Pharmacy onDuke Street. I always go along the waterfront and around the Cult Cafe. It is always a nice trip but on a sunny day, like today, it is a special ride in my powered wheelchair. Who can resist views like this one:


Or even this of Neptune Marina?

neptune marina

We are very lucky to live around here.

Suntis is in, yet again. It seems that it is returning every week at the moment. The wood business must be very good. Unusually, they had the cranes sitting and waiting. Normally, they let Suntis come in and have the cranes there for the next day.

The two guys in high-vis in the above image are just about to take the walkway back into the lock. The walkway is a standard feature of the lock and gives people a place to get off or to moor to when the water level is at its lowest. However,Suntis can’t get through whilst it is in place so they bring it down to Orwell Quay/Gasworks Quay temporarily.

They tie the little motor launch onto the back end and then steer it back.

Lastly, here is a shot of Suntis and the cranes against the Aurora restaurant.


A mix of the traditional and the new.

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