Things that you might have missed?

In early April, the Dutch raced their tall ships across the North Sea. 24 of them arrived in the wet dock.


A new and very successful event was the Dragon Racing:


Then, the Samba Club dancing outside the Cult Cafe:


Following that was the Craft and Antiques Fair in St. Peters Street:


Lastly, we had the Food and Drink Festival:


On my travels on Saturday I came across two things that could have done with some publicity. First off, when I was riding past Dance East, I could hear some drums playing so I went to investigate. Around the back of the building, I found a Maypole and some teenagers dancing to the drums and a fiddle.

Screen Shot 2018-07-16 at 19.06.45

They were having a great time but, apart from me, there was no audience. I tracked down what was happening – Maypole Remixed. Quote from the ISTD web site : “EFDSS (English folk dance and song society) are offering youth dance groups and dancers from the East of England the fantastic opportunity to take part in a new and exciting youth dance commission”  They were very enthusiastic and not at all fazed by the lack of an audience.

Here are some images I took

I took some videos that I patched together.

Secondly, whilst passing the Cult Cafe, I saw that there was a marquee erected outside. On approaching, it seems that there has been a play being acted within over the last few days.


The next big thing? – The Maritime Weekend takes place on the waterfront on 18th (10am – 10Pm) and 19th August (10am – 6pm). Fireworks are on Saturday night, this time.  I have been checking around the Ipswich Town and Waterfront site and the description is HERE.

I hope that you have enjoyed the walk around recent events.

3 thoughts on “Things that you might have missed?”

  1. Maybe the free Waterfront Magazine which is posted through our letter boxes each month could have a page detailing forthcoming events.

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