It’s 32c here in Ipswich

I just doesn’t get any cooler and, apart from the rain a few days ago, it is still very dry. Also, not much is happening. They are getting on with the Wine Rack and the Maritime Weekend is happening on 18th – 19th August so we are looking forward to that.


In the meantime, I am finding other things to do around Ipswich. I am a long term armchair fan of West Ham United, having lived in Romford for lots of years. It turned out that there was a pre-season friendly happening last weekend between Ipswich Town F.C. and WHU! I didn’t know that they did special disabled seats but, on checking, managed to book a place for me, a place for my nephew, Theo (in theory as my carer) and a seat for my 12 year old nephew, Dylan. Total cost £8.00. £8.00 for three people to watch WHU? Amazing. I hadn’t been to a football match for over 50 years so it was a special experience.  As I haven’t any other pictures to show for the last week, I will regale you with some football stuff!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Here is a short video as well:

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