Preparations underway

I went down to the Aurora for a glass of orange juice – along with my wife and mother-in-law. As I was there, I took a trip up to the Cult Cafe as there was a little bit of activity going on.


I thought that I would sneak a bit closer so that I could have a chat with the people doing the work (people never seem to mind telling me what they are doing – I think that most of them are glad that someone takes an interest instead of just walking by!).


I assumed that they were here in preparation for next weeks cycle event but they only seemed to be aware of the Maritime Weekend due on 18th and 19th of this month. Either way, there were lots of barriers being delivered in readiness.

Having finished there, I drifted back to the Aurora. It was then that I noticed that the site between 7 Anchor Street and the James Hehir building had been cleared. This site has been derelict for as long as the regeneration project has been underway. I think that it is the site of the old gasworks, but could be corrected on that. Anyway, the site was re-fenced when they used it for the groundwork associated with the proposed Orwell Crossing. It has now been thoroughly cleared in readiness, I expect, for work to start on the new Suffolk Heritage Centre. The Heritage Centre is an exciting addition to the Waterfront and should be a huge attraction.



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