Different Little Boats around the Waterfront

Suddenly, there seemed to be a lot of unusual boats around.

We start with a Police boat. Now, we are used to Border Force cutters but I have never seen a motor boat decked out in police colours before. Obviously, I know of the Metropolitan Police having their Thames division but this is a bit different.


It seems that, on that day, the police and the Border Force caught some illegal immigrants  further up the Orwell towards Felixstowe. More details can be seen on the Ipswich Star website with some further details HERE.

A couple of canal type barges have also arrived (although these look a bit big for most canals).



Lastly, Spirit Yachts have a couple of their builds sitting in the Marina.



(Excuse the quality but these last two are from my phone and considerably enlarged as they are moored on the other side of the Wet Dock).

Lastly, I noticed that the Thames Barge Centaur was moored by The Cult cafe. This is an irregular visitor so it is nice to see it back with us.centaur1

To end up, I was fascinated to hear a saxophone playing when parking the car the other afternoon. Suddenly, Victor was moving past with a lot of passengers on a trip up the river listening to a fine three piece Jazz band. What a great way to spend an afternoon. Here is a short video of them passing whilst listening to a great rendition of “Sweet Sue”. (Sorry about the wind noice but it has been extremely windy along the quayside recently).

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