New, simpler, domain name

Ever since I restarted this blog it has been available as:

Recently, I have designed a new flyer about the blog. Whilst doing this, I realised that the blog address was somewhat of a mouthful. I decided that I should upgrade the blog so there would be no adverts. This gave me the opportunity of getting a free domain name from WordPress (our blog supplier).  The new way to get to the blog is a much simpler name:

At the same time, I registered a UK domain name, so that I had one without WordPress involvement, should I need it in future. This is:

Not much difference. It is up to you how you use these domain addresses. All of them will always work.

I mentioned that I was designing a new flyer for the blog. I am trying to get a bit of a wider audience as the current blog is still someway off the numbers that I used to have when we were on the fourth floor of the apartment block. The design is a simple A5 document which I had printed for me by Doxdirect. They charged me £9.69 for 100 A5 full colour flyers, which I think is very cheap. These are going into the post boxes in our block. If anyone wants me to put one somewhere else, just let me know.

a5 flyer.jpg

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