The Oosterschelde in the Wet Dock

A couple days ago, a nice three masted “tall ship” called on Ipswich. I missed its arrival but my wife caught it and told me that something with a name starting with “O” had arrived. It was a lovely day today so I took the opportunity of gadding out on my wheelchair to have a look.

It turned out be the Oosterschelde – a three-masted topsail schooner according to the board on view.


I only had my phone on me but it takes nice photos.


Whilst checking out the boat, I noticed that the new car park was in operation. It really does seem to be a shame that the best use for a nice stretch of the Waterfront turns out to be a car park reserved for the University staff and students!

This first picture shows that they have torn down the green fencing that was put up when they were working on the bridge investigations. This, whilst a plain wire fence, was at least permanent. However, it obviously wasn’t permanent enough because most of it along the waterfront has been taken away and replaced with temporary fencing.

IMG_0403 2

They have allowed for some pedestrian access to the waterfront but making some pathways through. However, all they have done with the fencing it move it about a bit!carpark1

Let us hope that this isn’t permanent.

On a lighter note, The Orwell Lady was just leaving so I took a snap of the happy passengers on their way out for a nice trip along the Orwell and back.

orwell lady

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