Vinyl, Events and Automobiles

Not quite as snappy as “Trains, Planes and Automobiles” but a good description of today.

My intention was to ride my wheelchair over to Fore Street to Out of Time Records. I was a bit messed about because they don’t take plastic and Tesco’s cash machine wasn’t working. Fortunately, the Post Office in Fore Street came up trumps.

Out of Time Records is a specialist CD and Vinyl shop and, given my recent move back to vinyl, a good place to go.

Old Time Records

The problem that I have is, not being able to stand for too long, bending down into the boxes of Albums is quite difficult. In fact, I couldn’t cope with too much so all I ended up with was a couple of Ralph Sutton albums. Ralph Sutton is a tremendous pianist in the tradition of Fats Waller so lots of stride and ragtime! Still, only £7.00 for the two albums so that was a bargain!

On the way back, as I passed the big car park next to Neptune Marina, I saw an unusual sight – a gaggle of Triumph sports cars.

truimph 1triumph 2.jpg

I am sorry for my friend Dan in Connecticut but there wasn’t a Spitfire in sight! Lots of TR6, a Stag and, hidden away, a lime green TR7 (whatever were they thinking?).

Remember the staff and student car park that I was complaining about. Just as I thought – closed on a weekend so lots of parking space going missing. Can’t anyone do something about this?

Lastly, I was given a little booklet about a couple of “Heritage” days taking place in September. These weekends involved are those of the 8th and the 15th. It’s a bit late for the 8th but still time, this weekend. The booklet is available for viewing and download from The Ipswich Society Web SiteHeritage Booklet.

Unfortunately, this is the first time that I have heard about this. Another example of a lack of publicity about the two.



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