Great East Run 2018

This is a half marathon run around Ipswich. One of the nice things about living on the Waterfront is that you get to see events like this without going too far from home. My wife and mother-in-law sat on the balcony to watch whilst I rode down to The Cult on my wheelchair with my trusty Canon 80D.

We had to family members running – our son-in-law, Matt Sims and our grandson Theo Sims. I managed to see Matt – well to be clear, Matt saw me and called out. In my defence there were a lot of runners going through and I was trying to take some photos.

First off came the lead vehicle with the time.

lead vehicle ger

This was closely followed by the first runners.

early birds

Not too long after, there was a large body of entrantsnice group

This included Matt. I nearly missed him. I was too busy saying hello to take a picture.

Matt GER.jpeg

On my way back home, I stopped off at the Aurora. They were running through in every way possible.

ger aurora

Now that I had my good camera with me, I thought that I would give an update on the Winerack. Work is progressing apace.

winerack ger.jpg

Lastly, and I am sorry to keep on, but with all that is going on around the Waterfront, there is a need for more parking but this one is firmly closed at the weekend. Shame!!!

empty car park.jpg

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