Dutch Tall Ships Race

It’s that time of year again, when the Wet Dock fills up with tall ships – 21 this time. University students are the focus of this year’s crews rather than”young professionals” in previous years. It started with Artemis arriving. Then a quick look at FleetMon showed the Orwell full of ships coming into the Wet Dock.


I did my usual roll along the quays and took some random shots.

ships4ships3ships2ships 1gather 1

The crowds here are all of the crews having a chat and a drink. This took place on the Friday afternoon. Lucky that the weather was beautiful for the occasion.

I understand that complaints were raised about the noise levels on Thursday night and the Environmental Health had to ask them to tone it down. That’s a pity as it is only once a year and the noise was much less than the evenings of theMaritime Weekend or even of the Aurora on a summer Saturday night.

On the Friday afternoon there were some of the crews messing around on skateboards and a few working with drones. The wide expanse of the Wet Dock is ideal for such things. In fact, I caught a drone on camera when taking a photo of the new university car park, which has been turned into a giant marquee for graduation day.


On Saturday morning, on my jaunt to the local pharmacy, I took a photo of the board outside the Lightship. This might tempt a few of you to come and visit. I would like see the Pirate Radio exhibition if I could scramble abroad. Some of my favourite memories of the 60’s were”Kenny and Cash on London” – the jingle for Kenny Everett and Dave Cash on their afternoon show on Radio London – great stuff. I even remember some of their jokes, but not now.

Lastly, back to normal, because all of the Dutch boats went during the night leaving the Wet Dock nice and peaceful for Saturday – just when lots of Ipswich residents could come down to see them – shame. Nice to see Queen Galadriel is back in the marina, though.


2 thoughts on “Dutch Tall Ships Race”

  1. Those are magnificent ships and great pictures! Thanks for capturing these and sharing. I’ve only seen a gathering of them once, in Boston. There are a couple on permanent display in Mystic, but it’s amazing to see several of them at the same time.

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