A rare visitor, a great sunset and Christmas

It has been fairly dull for the last couple of weeks since HMS Quorn left. All we have had are a few yachts going backwards and forwards along with our regular visit by Suntis. Alert came and went but I missed both events! Yesterday, we did have a rare visiter from the UK Border Force.  It was December 2013 that I last mentioned HMC Vigilant so she seems to just come here for Christmas!


One thing I haven’t been able to show has been a really colourful sunset. One of the good things about the winter is that the sun doesn’t sets so far round so I get a great sunset across the two legacy cranes. You may have seen this before from me but I can never resist the shot when it appears.

IMG_1482Lastly, we are coming up to Christmas so I thought I would show you our Christmas tree. If I don’t post again, have a great Christmas yourselves.


Lastly – a reminder. You can double click on any image to see a larger version. You will have to use the back arrow on your browser to get back to this blog though.

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